Alternate mirror services

The SWITCHmirror service stopped on 18. November 2018

SWITCH decided to shut down the SWITCHmirror server later this year. This is the detailed shutdown roadmap.

The shutdown process started on 11. September 2018, when all the smaller and less used packages were dropped.

We identified the top 25 packages or repositories that were most often used. All these packages were stopped one-by-one between 1. November and 16. November 2018.

The web server now returns '410 gone'.

Origin of the SWITCHmirror

The roots of SWITCHmirror go way back to the early 90's when the SWITCHinfo FTP server provided access to mirrored content otherwise inaccessible during the office hours. At that time, all international links to the Internet were completely overloaded during the day. Incremental mirroring during the night provided a huge benefit to the SWITCH Community. Popular packages at that time were the RFC and Internet-Draft documents as well as open source software like GNU and X11.

SWITCHinfo later became the Swiss SunSITE server and in 2004 it was relaunched as SWITCHmirror.

The Sun hardware now in use since 2008 became obsolete.

Quick access to download servers during office hours is no longer a challenge but a commodity.

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